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Technolgies & Bespoke Home Cinema

We are specialist installers of home automation systems. We use our years of extensive industry knowledge to deliver cost effective, feature rich solutions from single home cinema rooms to fully automated homes designed around you and your families needs.


Combining the very best and latest product ranges, BBG deliver results beyond your expectations. With years of experience, we are leading suppliers and installers of world leading brands like Aibase, Eyeonet and more.

Either browse our extensive range of home automation systems, or contact us with our 1 hour guaranteed response.


For house builders increase your homes value!

I’m a builder

Whether your are a self-builder or house builder, a sure way to add that additional value is to build a smart home.

BBG Expand your business
Expand your business become a preferred partner

I’m an Electrician

Are you a trained/qualified electrician looking to increase your business, then multiroom solution is the next natural step. We’ve developed a co-op system that has benefited many electricians over the years.

Need to deliver a USP in your builds Increasing house sales turnaround

I’m a Developer

What every developer wants, a way to sell property quickly. In todays building markets you will know its all about USP.


Our systems and installations future proof your home, responding to the needs and lifestyle you demand from it. We work with some of the most demanding clients on the globe, their exacting standards matched only by our own. Fantastic smart home automation features.

Intelligent Buildings

Consider an integrated system that knows when you have entered or left a room or even a building. The lights come on, Heating and cooling systems automatically adjust. Perhaps its sunny outside and your automated blinds are keeping your building cool. Let BBG bring your building to life.

Make Smart Home Project

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Home. We can also help you find an Ingenious partner in your area.



No two projects are ever the same. Whether it’s a listed building or a state of the art new build, each client and structure has different requirements. With BBG systems your building and how you use it will evolve as the dynamics within shift over time. Rooms change use and departments come and go, as such your technology and controls must be configurable and adaptable. Best Brothers Group will design and prepare your building infrastructure for the realities of change.


From the subtle heat beneath your feet to the security that protects your home, BBG delights in making your property as comfortable and reassuring as possible. Our skilled engineers will weave our technology into the fabric of your building, leaving the interior unblemished yet capable of controlling everything from lighting to heating and audio visuals.

control4 home automation

The team is comprised of talented and enthusiastic engineers, salespeople and marketers with a passion for developing new products–from chip design all the way through to complete electronics systems.