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British tabloids were ruthless to Meghan Markle — will Canadian media learn from their mistakes? – National

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spoken openly about the ruthless, exploitative and dangerous nature of the British press.

The couple has even sued British tabloids over their “continual misrepresentations,” and Markle admitted she’s struggled with the intense media scrutiny since marrying into the Royal Family.

“I never thought that this would be easy, but I thought it would be fair,” she said in a recent documentary.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently revealed their plan to step away from senior royal duties and split their time between Canada and the U.K. as they work to become financially independent.

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But will Canadian reporters better respect their privacy and cover them in a different way than the U.K. press has? According to experts, the country’s media landscape is likely a factor in why the royal couple picked Canada.

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“[Canada] is a completely different environment, and that is possibly something that Meghan observed when she lived here before,” said Janice Neil, chair of the school of journalism at Ryerson University. Neil previously worked as a reporter in the U.K.

There’s a huge portion of the U.K. media industry that’s based on “salacious gossip,” Neil said, and Canada doesn’t have that to the same degree.

“[The country] has shockingly learned nothing from a couple decades of criticism … starting with how [they chased] Princess Diana,” she said.

Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship with the U.K. press

Prince Harry has a notoriously strained relationship with the press, as his mother, Princess Diana, died in a car crash after being chased by paparazzi.

The prince has said he feared “history repeating itself.”

“I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces,” he said.

Queen confirms Harry and Meghan will live part-time in Canada

Queen confirms Harry and Meghan will live part-time in Canada

What’s more, Markle has experienced racism in the U.K. as a biracial member of the Royal Family.

In a recent Washington Post op-ed, author Yomi Adegoke wrote that British tabloids were “committed not to news but the distortion of [Markle’s] image” in their coverage.

“British racism is often coy and coded, but when it comes to Meghan there was no need to read between the lines,” Adegoke wrote.

“The hate was in the headlines, which referred to the Los Angeles neighbourhood where she grew up as ‘gang-scarred‘ and her role editing a racially diverse edition of Vogue as ‘divisive.’”

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The Daily Show host Trevor Noah even pointed out the racism Markle endured in the British press on Monday, comparing headlines about Kate Middleton and Markle.

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Noah gave the example of when Middleton was reportedly “gifted” avocados during pregnancy to “cure” morning sickness, while Markle’s avocado habit was linked to “human rights abuse and drought.”

Canada is more progressive than the U.K. when it comes to race, said journalist and human rights advocate Amira Elghawaby, but the country still has some work to do.

Elghawaby said there is still potential for racist coverage of Markle, as many Canadian newsrooms do not reflect the diversity of the country.

“They won’t be fully immune from that here in Canada, but it certainly won’t be as toxic as the culture in the U.K.,” she said.

A chance for Canadian media to prove itself

With Markle and Prince Harry living in Canada, it will take time to see how local outlets cover their day-to-day lives.

Neil believes “tight news budgets” at major Canadian news organizations could allow Markle and Harry to live a more private life.

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Private security expert says protection for Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘could cost millions’

Private security expert says protection for Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘could cost millions’

“If you start having people covering the royals … what are they not going to cover [instead]?” she said.

“Already, many provinces in this country don’t have reporters at the provincial legislature — and many cities don’t have city reporters.”

Elghawaby said it is tough to predict how people will treat the couple — especially Markle — on social media. She pointed to other women of colour in public positions, including former governors general of Canada Michaelle Jean and Adrienne Clarkson.

“They were not exposed to such racism as Meghan has been experiencing, and they were representatives of the Crown,” Elghawaby said. “But those women were there before social media, and things are evolving. It’s not like it can’t become toxic on social media.”

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Elghawaby also wonders if the couple’s move could prompt the creation of new Canadian tabloids.

She said that because media is a business, a growing interest in Markle and Prince Harry could open up new revenue opportunities.

“If it becomes apparent that doing stories about the couple brings more clicks… the question becomes will media in Canada start shifting? Or will we see the emergence of new media businesses emerging to cover the couple?” she said.

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Still, it is important Canadian media treats Markle with respect and does not engage in racist coverage.

“Many people are in denial in this country about how racism plays a daily role in many communities,” Elghawaby said.

“There is a little bit of blindness to the reality of racism here.”

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What’s next for the monarchy after Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘step back’ from royal duties – National

by BBG Hub

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced Wednesday they will “step back” from their duties as senior members of the Royal Family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex took to Instagram to share the news, writing: “After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution.”

The move is largely without precedent, and now, royal watchers around the world are waiting with bated breath to see what this move will actually mean for their family and the monarchy at large.

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Carolyn Harris, a royal historian and author in Toronto, is waiting to see how the Queen responds to the announcement in the days and weeks to come.

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In a statement from Buckingham Palace released shortly after Harry and Markle’s, the palace said: “Discussions with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at an early stage. We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through.”

For this reason, it’s unclear to Harris whether the Queen actually knew the statement was coming.

Royal Family issues statement on release of Prince Philip from hospital

Royal Family issues statement on release of Prince Philip from hospital

“The Royal Family would’ve been aware of Harry and Meghan’s discontent with their current public role and their difficulties with the British press, [and] they may well have known that the couple intended to spend more time abroad in the coming years,” she said.

“The formal announcement may have come as a surprise as Buckingham Palace is making clear that discussions of Harry and Meghan’s future roles are still in their early stages.”

There have been other members of the Royal Family who have stepped away from royal duties in the past.

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“When Princess Patricia of Connaught married Alexander Ramsay, she stopped using the title of Princess and became Lady Patricia Ramsay,” said Harris.

“She also gave up most royal duties, devoted her time to her art and her family. She retained a few public engagements related to her charities and military patronages, visiting Canada for the 50th anniversary of her regiment, Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry.”

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Although the announcement may have come as a shock, Harris believes the Queen will — eventually — let her grandson “find his own path.”

‘Any longer and I would’ve been burnt out’: Former aide to the Queen shares difficulties of job

‘Any longer and I would’ve been burnt out’: Former aide to the Queen shares difficulties of job

“In the past, Prince William has praised his grandmother … for allowing him to find his own path,” she said. “The Queen has allowed her children and grandchildren a great deal of freedom to make their own decisions.”

This is in stark contrast to the monarchs who came before Queen Elizabeth II. “Queen Victoria … expected to carefully manage the lives of descendants, right down to the names and marriages of her grandchildren,” said Harris.

Below, Harris comments on other ways this decision by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could affect their family and the Royal Family more broadly.

The public may see less of Meghan and Harry, and even less of Archie

Per their statement, the Duke and Duchess intend to “engage with the public on their own terms,” said Harris.

To Harris, this means undertaking charitable patronages and Harry’s work as a Commonwealth youth ambassador “without assuming the additional royal duties expected of a senior member of the Royal Family.”

Examples of such senior royal duties include attending state dinners or undertaking diplomatic visits on behalf of the British government.

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Royal Family Christmas traditions

Royal Family Christmas traditions

Unfortunately, with fewer senior members of the Royal Family undertaking public engagements, this will mean an “increased workload for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,” said Harris.

Markle and Harry’s son, Archie, will have an “interesting life” that includes “periods of relative privacy away from the public eye and travel in Canada and the United States,” said Harris.

“Harry and Meghan have made clear that they intend to raise him with an appreciation for royal tradition, so he will also spend time in the United Kingdom … with his royal relatives.”

‘Financial independence’ is yet to be defined

To Harris, Markle and Harry’s commitment to become financially “independent” likely means they will not draw from the Sovereign Grant, “funding by the revenues from the Crown Estates that goes into the treasury.”

“Prince Harry has inherited money of his own from both his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales and his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother,” Harris said.

Harris speculates that Markle may have also accumulated savings during her career as an actor.

“It remains to be seen if Harry and Meghan will continue to receive support from Prince Charles’s private funds from the Duchy of Cornwall or the Queen’s private funds from the Duchy of Lancaster,” said Harris.

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Heightened tension among members of the Royal Family

With Markle and Harry bowing out of senior duties, Harris foresees a more “streamlined” monarchy within the United Kingdom.

“During Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, the monarch’s extended family have undertaken royal duties. The Queen’s cousins, as well as her children, were involved in public engagements,” she said.

“Going forward, a smaller number of members of the Royal Family will undertake public duties with a strong focus on those directly in line to the throne — the Prince of Wales (Prince Philip) and the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) — and their immediate families. As a result, there will be fewer Commonwealth tours and a more streamlined monarchy within the United Kingdom.”

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For these reasons, Harris speculates Harry and Markle’s departure could escalate tensions already present within the Royal Family.

“There are already fewer senior members of the Royal Family undertaking public duties than in the past: the Queen’s cousins have grown older and reduced their public duties, Prince Philip has retired from public life [and] Prince Andrew also stepped away from royal duties following a disastrous interview regarding his unsuitable friendships and scandalous private life,” she said.

“There may have been an expectation that both William and Harry would assume an increased schedule of royal duties in these circumstances. Instead, Harry is making clear that he will not assume a full schedule of royal duties and will engage with the public on his own terms.”

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle won’t spend Christmas with Royal Family – National

by BBG Hub

It’s official: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex won’t be celebrating Christmas with the Queen this year.

A spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed to CNN that the royal couple will spend the holidays with Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, instead.

The decision is a break from tradition as the Queen typically hosts Christmas at the Sandringham estate every year. The monarch is joined by other members of the Royal Family, and everyone attends a Christmas Day service at Sandringham Church.

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For the last two years, Markle and Prince Harry have joined the Queen at her country estate.

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As reported by CNN, the spokesperson said the couple’s decision “is in line with precedent set previously by other members of the Royal Family and has the support of Her Majesty The Queen.”

The spokesperson would not confirm where Prince Harry and Markle would spend the holiday season, citing privacy reasons. This means they could spend time with Ragland in the U.S. or the U.K.

Markle’s mom is currently based in L.A.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not the first royal couple to spend Christmas without the Queen.

In 2016, Prince William and Kate Middleton spent the holidays with Middleton’s family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought along their young children, George and Charlotte.

There’s been speculation that Markle and Prince Harry may be planning a move to the U.S., which has been fuelled by rumours that the couple isn’t close with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Meghan Markle opens up about the stress of being in the spotlight as a new mom

Meghan Markle opens up about the stress of being in the spotlight as a new mom

In a recently released documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, Prince Harry addressed his relationship with his big brother.

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“Inevitably, stuff happens, but we’re brothers. We’ll always be brothers,” the 35-year-old said.

“We’re certainly on different paths at the moment. I’ll always be there for him, and as I know, he’ll always be there for me. We don’t see each other as much as we used to because we’re so busy, but I love him dearly.”

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex formally parted ways from the charity foundation they shared with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in June, just months after they created their own household.

The couple has also been vocal about the pressures of living in the spotlight as members of the Royal Family and have even taken legal action against British tabloids.

It is unclear if they plan to spend more time in the U.S., where Markle was raised, in the near future.

— With a file from Global News’ Meaghan Wray 

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle dance with South African surfers on Day 2 of royal tour – National

by BBG Hub

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex danced their way into Day 2 of their royal tour as they met with Cape Town non-profit organization Waves for Change.

The couple started their day off at the beach, joining a group of change-makers in a quick dance session before taking a seat in the sand.

Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan Markle, 38, could be spotted wiggling their hips and clapping their thighs, doubled over in laughter with members of the organization.

They were there to learn about the services offered by the local non-governmental organization, which gives back to the community by providing support to those struggling with their mental health.

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The Sussexes also learned about the Lunchbox Fund, which provides a daily meal for orphaned and vulnerable school children in the area.

The Lunchbox Fund received generous public donations in the name of their baby boy, Archie Harrison, when he was born in May.

Mental health is a topic close to both Harry and Meghan’s hearts.

“It’s just getting people to talk about it and talk to each other, right?” Duchess Meghan said, speaking to tackling the stigma.

“And you see that no matter where you are in the world, if you’re a small community or a township, if you’re in a big city, it’s that everyone is dealing with a different version of the same thing.”

WATCH BELOW: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry welcomed to Cape Town in first stop of Africa royal tour

The Duke of Sussex also added to the conversation, calling on individuals to learn from the past to address future mental health stigma.

“We need to try, not eradicate it, but to learn from previous generations so there’s not a perpetual cycle,” he said.

Later on in the day, the couple stopped by Auwal Mosque, the country’s oldest mosque, in the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood.

They’ll wrap up their day by meeting young people and community leaders at the city’s residence of the British High Commissioner.

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The new parents started off their royal tour with a visit to Nyanga Township, commonly known as the murder capital of the country. Meghan and Harry addressed the audience with an important message, speaking out against violence against women and children.

The Sussexes, alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton, are patrons to The Royal Foundation, an organization that operates as a vehicle for all their philanthropic work.

The foundation includes Heads Together, an initiative that aims to eradicate mental health stigma.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry give powerful speech on gender-based violence in South Africa – National

by BBG Hub

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex marked the beginning of their African royal tour in Cape Town, South Africa, with an impassioned speech on gender-based violence, a topic that hits close to home in the country.

After being welcomed by a group of children as they arrived in Nyanga Township, commonly known as the murder capital of the country, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry addressed the audience with an important message.

Markle said: “While I’m here with my husband as a member of the Royal Family, I want you to know I am here with you as a mother, a wife, as a woman, as a woman of colour and as your sister.”

Prince Harry, 34, continued: “I wanted to ensure that our first visit as a family, with my wife by my side, focused on the significant challenges facing millions of South Africans while acknowledging the hope we feel so strongly here.”

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“No man is born to cause harm to women. This is learned behaviour, and we need to break that cycle,” he added. “My role is to defend my wife and be a positive role model for my son.”

The speech follows South Africa declaring femicide a national crisis. A recent government report found that a woman is murdered every three hours in South Africa, with many assaulted and raped before their death.

The duke and duchess were spotted arriving in South Africa earlier that day. Though no media were notified, some fans managed to capture photos of the couple and their baby boy, Archie, disembarking from their plane.

Markle carried Archie, who wore a navy blue sweater and a white bobble hat. It marked the first time royal watchers have seen Archie’s full face as, in the past, the couple has chosen to share only slightly obscured photos.

After facing scrutiny for their private jet travels over the summer, the two have reportedly committed to flying on commercial airlines for their entire trip, according to CNN.

In addition to addressing gender-based violence, 39-year-old Markle also chose to highlight a local ethical fashion designer.

The duchess wore a black-and-white wrap dress by South African designer Mayamiko Dalitso, which sold out after Markle appeared in it.

She also wore a bracelet from The Justice Desk initiative, a human rights non-profit organization that she and Prince Harry visited after their arrival.

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Later in the day, the new parents will pay a visit to the District Six Museum, which is located in an inner-city residential area of Cape Town. During apartheid, District Six was declared a white area, and 60,000 of its racialized residents were forced to relocate away from the city centre.

This relocation began in 1966 and was completed by 1982, according to the museum’s website.

The duke and duchess will meet former District Six residents who were forced to relocate and learn more about the area’s history.

Afterwards, the pair will head to the museum’s Homecoming Centre, which was built for former residents to meet and cook together. The duke and duchess will then participate in a cooking activity, a hobby especially close to Markle’s heart.

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Michelle Obama tells Meghan Markle to ‘savour’ motherhood in Vogue interview – National

by BBG Hub

For her role as guest editor of British Vogue, Meghan Markle interviewed Michelle Obama about the realities of raising children and the joys of motherhood.

Markle, who confirmed she was guest-editing the magazine’s September issue on Sunday, said she wanted to feature Obama because she is the “ultimate force for change.”

“So, over a casual lunch of chicken tacos and my ever-burgeoning bump, I asked Michelle if she would help me with this secret project,” Markle wrote in Vogue.

The September edition is called Forces for Change and features “trailblazing change-makers,” including Jameela Jamil and Jane Goodall. Markle interviewed Obama for the magazine’s Q&A page. The issue hits newsstands Aug. 2.

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Markle started off the conversation, which took place after she gave birth to her son Archie, by asking Obama what motherhood has taught her. The former U.S. first lady said being a mom “has been a masterclass in letting go.”

“As mothers, we just don’t want anything or anyone to hurt our babies,” she told the Duchess of Sussex.

View this post on Instagram

We are proud to announce that Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex is the Guest Editor for the September issue of @BritishVogue. For the past seven months, The Duchess has curated the content with British Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful to create an issue that highlights the power of the collective. They have named the issue: “Forces for Change” For the cover, The Duchess chose a diverse selection of women from all walks of life, each driving impact and raising the bar for equality, kindness, justice and open mindedness. The sixteenth space on the cover, a mirror, was included so that when you hold the issue in your hands, you see yourself as part of this collective. The women on the cover include: @AdwoaAboah @AdutAkech @SomaliBoxer @JacindaArdern @TheSineadBurke @Gemma_Chan @LaverneCox @JaneFonda @SalmaHayek @FrankieGoesToHayward @JameelaJamilOfficial @Chimamanda_Adichie @YaraShahidi @GretaThunberg @CTurlington We are excited to announce that within the issue you’ll find: an exclusive interview between The Duchess and former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, a candid conversation between The Duke of Sussex and Dr Jane Goodall, inspirational articles written by Brené Brown, Jameela Jamil and many others. Equally, you’ll find grassroots organisations and incredible trailblazers working tirelessly behind the scenes to change the world for the better. • “Guest Editing the September issue of British Vogue has been rewarding, educational and inspiring. To deep dive into this process, working quietly behind the scenes for so many months, I am happy to now be able to share what we have created. A huge thanks to all of the friends who supported me in this endeavour, lending their time and energy to help within these pages and on the cover. Thank you for saying “Yes!” – and to Edward, thank you for this wonderful opportunity.” – The Duchess of Sussex #ForcesForChange

A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

“But life has other plans. Bruised knees, bumpy roads and broken hearts are part of the deal. What’s both humbled and heartened me is seeing the resiliency of my daughters,” Obama added.

She also told Markle that being a mom meant giving daughters Malia, 21, and Sasha, 18, the space to “explore and develop into the people they want to be.” She said she would give the exact same advice to sons if she had them instead of daughters.

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“I tell them that I hope they’ll keep trying on new experiences until they find what feels right,” Obama said.

“And what felt right yesterday might not necessarily feel right today. That’s OK — it’s good, even… It took me a few years to listen to my intuition and find a path that fit better for who I was, inside and out.”

The duchess, who welcomed her first child with husband Prince Harry in May, ended her interview asking Obama about the most beautiful sound she’s ever heard.

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Obama said it was the sound her children made when they were newborns, and the way they “cooed when they were deep into dreaming.”

“Don’t get me wrong, early parenthood is exhausting. I’m sure you know a thing or two about that these days,” Obama added.

“But there is something so magical about having a baby in the house. Time expands and contracts; each moment holds its own little eternity. I’m so excited for you and Harry to experience that, Meghan. Savour it all.”

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Royal baby christening: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry won’t announce Archie’s godparents – National

by BBG Hub

On Saturday, the newest member of the Royal Family, Archie Harrison, will be christened.

Typically, when a royal baby is christened, his or her godparents are announced in a statement from Buckingham Palace — as was the case for all of Archie’s first cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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However, according to reports, it may not be the same for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son.

On Wednesday, royal expert Omid Scobie shared a statement he had received from Buckingham Palace to Twitter.

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In it, the Royal Family confirmed that Archie Harrison will be christened in the private chapel at Winsdor Castle on July 6. They also announced that “the godparents, in keeping with the parents’ wishes, will remain private.”

This isn’t surprising for fans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — the pair have been notoriously private since getting married last May.

Thankfully, eagle-eyed royal watchers can expect the couple to share photos of Archie at his christening, which will be the first time the world gets a glimpse of the baby’s face.

Markle and Prince Harry have previously shared two photos of the baby, but neither featured his entire face.

The first, shared to the couple’s Instagram account in honour of Mother’s Day, was of Archie’s small feet in Markle’s hands. The second, which the couple posted to Instagram for Father’s Day, was of Archie’s eyes — but the rest of his face was shielded by his father’s hand.

The rules of the Church of England

Despite the couple’s wishes to keep their choices private, it could be that Archie’s godparents are revealed anyway due to the rules of the Church of England.

According to the U.K.’s National Archives, the Parochial Registers and Records Measure was passed in 1978.

It states that “register books or baptisms and burials [are] to be available for research within reasonable working hours in the diocesan record offices.”

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This means baptism records — including the names of godparents — are a matter of public record and can be searched by anyone.

However, the Queen may overrule the 1978 measure if she wishes because the private chapel at Windsor Castle — where Archie is to be christened — is known as a Royal Peculiar.

This means it belongs directly to the monarch and not to any diocese. Therefore, it doesn’t come under the jurisdiction of a bishop.

The top picks for Archie’s godparents

According to royal expert Victoria Arbiter, the role of a royal godparent is to offer friendship and guidance throughout the child’s “spiritual journey.”

“It’s likely we’ll see close friends of Harry and Meghan, close friends of Diana and her family and, perhaps, close friends of Prince Charles, too,” Arbiter said of the royal baby’s potential godparents.

WATCH: Harry and Meghan’s home renovation controversy

The goal is to give the child access to several unique perspectives throughout his or her life.

A clear front-runner is Markle’s close friend Jessica Mulroney, according to Arbiter.

“She has been an amazing friend, and she has an amazing background in terms of her marriage to Ben Mulroney, whose father was prime minister [of Canada]… They would be able to offer wisdom about being in the public eye,” she said.

READ MORE: ‘Any longer and I would’ve been burnt out’ — Former aide to the Queen shares difficulties of job

“If we were to see any Royals, Eugenie and Harry are very close,” Arbiter said. “I think Eugenie deeply appreciated her mother being included in Harry and Meghan’s [wedding] guest list.”

(Eugenie’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, divorced from Prince Andrew in 1996.)

Arbiter also expects to see a few of Harry’s close friends, as well as a cousin or aunt from his mother’s side of the family, included in the list of potential godparents.

Alternatively, Harry may pick his childhood nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke.

“She was an amazing support when Diana died,” Arbiter said.

What we know about the christening

The event will reportedly be extremely private, with just 25 of the couple’s close friends and family members — including Archie’s godparents — in attendance, a royal source told People.

This is typical of royal christenings, which have historically been very private affairs.

At Prince Louis’ christening in July 2018, only 21 people close to the baby were in attendance.

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During the ceremony, Archie will probably be christened using the Lily Font, a silver baptismal bowl in the form of a blooming flower.

The font was originally commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1840 and has been used for all royal christenings since.

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It is one of only two English silver fonts — the other was made in 1660 for King Charles II.

After the ceremony, guests will likely be invited to enjoy afternoon tea hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

According to the Royal Family, it’s customary that guests indulge in the christening cake, which is a tier taken from the wedding cake of the christened child’s mother and father.

WATCH: Prince Harry And Meghan cut ties with Prince William and Kate’s charity

Though unconfirmed, the Sunday Times reported that Archie will wear a replica of the historic royal christening gown originally used for the baptism of Princess Victoria in 1841.

According to the Royal Family, the original gown was commissioned by Queen Victoria and worn by 62 royal babies, including Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Prince Harry.

In 2008, Queen Elizabeth commissioned a replica by her dressmaker Angela Kelly in order to preserve the original.

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James, Viscount Severn, was the first member of the Royal Family to wear this replica gown at his christening at the private chapel at Windsor Castle in the same year.

Archie’s cousins, Prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte and Prince Louis, all wore the replica at their respective christenings.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry announce first royal tour ‘as family’ – National

by BBG Hub

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex just announced they are heading to Southern Africa this fall for their first official tour since welcoming their son.

On Thursday, details of their trip were shared to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s official Instagram account, revealing that the royals will head to multiple countries later this year — and hinted that Archie will join them.

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“This will be their first official tour as a family!” read the announcement on Instagram.

According to their social media post, Markle and Prince Harry will travel to South Africa, and then the duke will visit Malawi and Angola.

“His Royal Highness will also do a short working visit to Botswana en route to the other countries,” the post said.

Royal officials also said that Markle and Prince Harry are “really looking forward” to meeting fans on the ground, and are excited to continue to raise awareness “of the high impact work local communities are doing across the Commonwealth and beyond.”

While the date of the trip has not yet been announced, Archie will be around six-months-old this fall.

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Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their first child early this May, and have revealed a few photos of him since his birth.

Botswana is a place Prince Harry and Markle have visited before together. In 2017, the couple travelled there to assist help with elephant conservation efforts.

The couple previously shared private photos of themselves from their trip to Instagram in April.

Prince Harry and brother Prince William have travelled throughout Africa and both are involved in efforts to protect wildlife there. The Duke of Sussex is also patron to a charity helping children in Lesotho.

On June 20, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they had formally parted ways from the charity foundation they shared with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Markle and Prince Harry’s charity work will continue through their own foundation, royal officials said.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry split from joint charity with Prince William, Kate Middleton – National

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have formally parted ways from the charity foundation they shared with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Royal Foundation announced on Thursday that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will form their own charity organization, and Prince William and Kate Middleton will stay on as the foundation’s leads.

“These changes are designed to best complement the work and responsibilities of Their Royal Highnesses as they prepare for their future roles, and to better align their charitable activity with their new households,” the foundation said in a statement.

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Even though they’re parting ways, the foundation said that both couples will “continue to work together on projects in the future, including on The Foundation’s mental health programme, Heads Together.”

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are incredibly proud of what they have achieved together through The Royal Foundation,” the foundation said.

“They are especially proud to have established a charity that has had, and will continue to have, significant long-lasting impact, changing lives for the better.”

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The Royal Foundation was created by Prince Harry and Prince William in 2009. Middleton joined the foundation after marrying into the Royal Family, as did Markle.

The charity champions for causes including mental health, environmental conservation, youth and social empowerment.

The decision to split charitable efforts comes after Markle and Prince Harry created their own household in March, breaking away from Prince William and Middleton’s headquarters.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s primary residence is Frogmore Cottage, and have an office at Buckingham Palace. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have their office at Kensington Palace.

The couples were most recently seen together earlier this month to celebrate the Queen’s birthday at the annual Trooping the Colour parade.

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Meghan Markle has been a target for racists — how will this impact her son? – National

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Since she started dating Prince HarryMeghan Markle — whose father is white and mother is black — has been the subject of racist attacks online.

In November 2016, Kensington Palace released a statement urging the media to halt articles with “racist undertones.”

In February 2017, the couple was sent a suspicious package with a racist note.

And in March of this year, the Palace increased social-media monitoring to combat racist comments made against the Duchess of Sussex.

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Now, the pair have welcomed their firstborn son, and he is the first “mixed race” baby to be born into the modern British Royal Family.

According to Dr. Ronald Hall, an expert in race relations and a professor in the department of social work at Michigan State University, it’s likely that this child will receive some of the same treatment as his mother.

Taking one look at social media in the days after the baby’s arrival confirms this. Mere moments after the first images of the newborn were revealed, racist trolls were abound on sites like Twitter.

“Old stereotypes — and ugly stereotypes — die hard,” Hall said.

In his view, racism in western countries isn’t as bad as it was 100 years ago — but we still have a long way to go.

“Anything and everything that this kid does from childhood and adulthood is going to be scrutinized to the nth degree,” said Hall.

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Annette Henry, a professor in the department of language and literacy education at the University of British Columbia, agreed.

She referred to the racist treatment of the Duchess of Sussex to prove her point.

“Clearly, [Markle] is going to have to do some protecting,” Henry told Global News.

“Already, we see how Harry has been very protective of her and come to her defence.”

However, Henry isn’t sure how this will manifest in the baby’s life because he’s a royal.

“That child [will live] such a protected life,” Henry said. “They’re different than us… everyday people.”

The nuances of complexion

Hall has done an abundance of research on how skin colour affects success and added the newborn’s skin tone will be critical.

He discovered a correlation between lighter skin and access to more money, better jobs and better education.

“Your quality of life is going to be significantly better if you have more Caucasian features.”

Therefore, Hall said the baby will struggle less with racism if he looks more like his dad, Prince Harry.

“The physiological ideal is Caucasian features with lighter skin,” Hall said.

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“He will have it much easier than if he’s darker complected or if he takes the features of Meghan’s mother, [Doria Ragland].”

Should the baby have predominantly white features, however, he will still struggle with negative black stereotypes — though perhaps to a lesser degree.

“It’s known as the One Drop theory in western culture,” Hall said.

“It is believed that one drop of black blood defines you as black, even if [you’re] blond-haired and blue-eyed.”

This reality often opens up a mixed-race person to scrutiny and ridicule, regardless of how they act.

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Hira Singh, an expert in social inequality and a professor of sociology at York University in Toronto, places this within the context of the monarchy’s problematic history.

“[The new royal baby] will have to confront the hidden and open, conscious and unconscious ideas, prejudices relating to race cemented from the past and continuing in the present,” Singh said.

According to Singh, race is a structure created in order to differentiate between white and non-white people.

The superiority of the white race was promulgated worldwide by the British monarchy during colonization.

“The burden of resistance falls on the racialized groups,” Singh said. “The baby, as part of that group, will have to bear that burden.”

‘Too white or not black enough’

Hall said often, the issue of skin colour is more critical for women than it is for men.

“Society values women for their beauty,” he said. “If they’re not lighter-complected, there are going to be challenges. If they are light-complected, there will also be challenges.”

Some light-skinned women often struggle to prove their blackness to the people around them.

“You have African-American women with naturally green eyes or naturally blond hair, and they’re always going to be put aside… not considered black,” Hall said.

These are the same women that may get attention from men because lighter skin is considered more attractive — they could be fetishized for their whiteness.

However, the situation only marginally improves for light-skinned black men, Hall added.

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According to Hall, some mixed-race men are commonly scrutinized for their masculinity (or lack thereof). He uses the example of NBA players to illustrate his point.

“Kobe Bryant was quoted [saying], ‘Take it to the hole like a dark-skinned dude,’” said Hall.

“This simply means that, on the basketball court, darker-skinned men are respected as more aggressive and more manly, [while] lighter-skinned men are [seen as] soft, not aggressive, not manly.”

Ultimately, Hall predicted the new royal baby will struggle with feeling “too white or not black enough.”

Preparing the baby

With Markle having been subjected to racist treatment by the public, it’s likely she will draw on that experience to help prepare her newborn son.

In Hall’s opinion, how she does that will, again, rely heavily on the baby’s skin tone.

“If he’s lighter-complected, [Markle] may want to emphasize pride in the history of his African ancestry and prepare him for people who are going to challenge his ethnicity,” Hall said.

“If he’s darker-complected… she may want to make sure that he is aware of his British ancestry.”

“Complexion is going to be the most important aspect of his life,” Hall said.

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Henry is on the edge of her seat, hopeful that this is the beginning of a new era for the Royal Family.

“It’ll be interesting to see how they craft this,” she said.

“I think [Markle] will probably make sure the child is surrounded by a range of people with a range of backgrounds.”

She hopes the increased representation within the family will force a larger conversation about diversity and inclusion — but whether or not this will make a difference for society at large, Henry is unsure.

“We have a rising tide of neo-nationalism,” she said. “Politically speaking, it’s scary what’s happening in Canada and the U.S. and in Europe, so… I don’t know.”

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