Manage Everything Lighting

Wi-Fi LED Lights

With a light for every occasion, smart lights let you create unique experiences, light up rooms, and even add accents to your favourite furniture. The flood light at the front door will be triggered if there is any intruders detected. Just say “good night” to Google Home/ Amazon Echo to turn off all lights


TV Scene




Turn on the light and unlock your smart home’s potential. It can extend the night vision of your security cameras. So we thought we’d put it to the test. The results? Moving.

  • Control your lights using only your voice.
  • Your home for smart devices
  • Control your lights with different triggers.
  • Everything at home connected.
  • Connect your lights with apps like Facebook.
  • Create the perfect home environment


With 800 lumens in action and all the flexibility of our regular residential range, the smart lighting is perfect for small spaces, little lamps, rooms with multiple light fittings – or all of the above.

It’s flexible enough to accent any part of the home, while smart enough to connect seamlessly with your existing devices. Get ready to connect, fit and Beam yourself to a new way of lighting.


Smart Bulbs

Smart LED bulbs can be controlled from your smart phone, using a free app, or purpose built remote control. Bulbs vary from Security Cameras, Fragrance Diffusers, Speakers or Standard LED Bulbs.


Smart Indoor

Smart Indoor Lights allow you to change the lighting in your home and really set the mood using a dedicated remote control to control colours and brightness.


Smart Outdoor

Smart Outdoor Lights transform your garden into a well lit paradise using a remote control to control colours and brightness.

Smart Home


In our Smart Home section, you’ll discover just how versatile LED lighting can be. Smart LED bulbs and fittings use special colour changing LEDs to place a vast range of light colours at your disposal. You’ll also enjoy effects, presets and various shades of white. Adjust the light to suit your mood or create the mood you want to be in. Choose a light according to the function of the room at the time. Our smart lighting products use wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy remote control. For dynamic lighting in the modern home, this is the place to shop.


  • Easy control and comfort
  • Light for your moments
  • Limitless possibilities
  • Light your outdoors smarter


Imagine your backyard changing into a colorful wonderland with a touch of your smartphone. Or your driveway lights turn on at the moment you arrive home.

More than just light, Philips Hue is about what you can imagine. Wake up to sunlight every day. Turn story-time into another world. Get colorful sports updates. Look like you’re home, even when you’re not. See what Philips Hue can do.

Let your lights entertain you

Get Started.

Create immersive experiences by synchronising your Philips Hue lights with your entertainment content. It’s easy to set up and expand your Philips Hue personal wireless lighting system. Find out how you can bring your smart home to life with a range of smart lights bulbs, lamps, switches and sensors.