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Arm and Disarm – just one click to arm or disarm your home at any time. 3 mods (Arm Away, Arm at home, Disarm) fit in any scenario. All home security devices are under arm status when leaving home. Users receive notification by text or App once home status changes.

All Off



Trigger alarm when any emergency happens. Integrate with security cameras to check actual situation. Professional monitoring services from Monitoring Center. With IFTTT, you can arbitrarily customize the linkages between different home automation devices, which makes life even more personalized and smarter. Linkage between the motion/brightness sensor and teh flood light can light up your front door when you back home at night, or scare intruders.


Silent Alarm

Audible Alarm

Optical Alarm

Smart Alarm


Lock status checking, remote lock/unlock, door open history checking, battery information display, anti-hijacking alarm, password failure alarm.

Other examples of how a smart alarm can benefit you compared to a traditional burglar alarm system:

  • Alert you when the kids get home from school
  • Alert you when the teenagers get home at night (or the early hours)
  • Alert you when temperature drops below a certain level
  • Alert you if CO2 is detected
  • Alert you if Grandma has not entered the kitchen by 10am – (That’s right – it can monitor inactivity too!)
  • Email you photos, or allow you to stream live video to your phone from inside your property when the system is activated

Smart Alarms – best home security system

The traditional intruder alarm is making way to a new breed of home security system – The Smart Alarm. We think it’s the best home security solution available on the UK market. Read on to discover why…

How do they differ from a tradition burglar alarm?

A smart alarm is typically wireless (although doesn’t have to be), which means they are less disruptive to install than a hard-wired system.
They have all the same components as a traditional home alarm (control panel, keypad, movement detectors, door contacts, external siren etc.), but are also connected to a secure cloud server typically via your wireless router (aka home broadband), or via GPRS signal over the GSM (mobile phone) network.
The main difference is the level of ‘remote’ control you have over the alarm system and how the smart alarm communicates with you, when activated, where ever you are in the world.

What is a Smart Alarm System?

A home security system which communicates with a secure app on your smartphone, tablet (such as an iPad) or desktop computer.

Why are they becoming so popular?

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Smart alarms combine the reassurance of physical security with the convenience of personal mobile device management, empowering you to a more secure lifestyle.