What was once considered a luxury item, Lighting Control Systems have evolved in to so much more then just scene setting. Installing lighting control in to your home now offers you and your family convenience, security and energy efficiency.

BBG Hub Home Automation have years of experience in creating simple to use, yet advanced lighting and comfort control systems, all of our lighting control projects are designed to give you the convenience of your homes lighting to work on its own, an intelligent system that knows when you’re home, or knows when its dark outside and all while saving you money on your electricity bills!

Installing a lighting control system can offer up to 20% savings on your electricity bill as well as giving you the peace of mind of added security and comfort. Lighting and comfort can be integrated as one, so that your home creates the perfect levels of light, heat and blind/Curtain functions, perfectly controlled from in-wall keypads, multi-touch remotes, or iPhone and iPads whether you are home or away.


Scene setting on a lighting system is not just a feature to show your friends, lighting scenes change a rooms appearance with staggering results.

Using pre-set lighting scenes means you can use single touch commands that will set up the rooms light levels to your exact look and feel, perfect for when you’re watching television, reading or entertaining.

With the expansion of computer modules, each keypad button can also be programmed to command cross room or whole house functions, like “all off”, “party” or “away” modes, leaving your lighting to continue to function without interaction. The options can offer double option commands, like double tap or hold for function, the options are endless.

Imagine a home that reacts to temperature or daylight levels, a system which is so in-tune with your family it knows what you like when and where. Our lighting systems can be programmed to offer a number of security features to your home. Combining Garden and outdoor lighting not only adds security to your home, but holiday modes, where lighting mimics your home, can help improve the security of your home.

System can be expanded to include every aspect of heating and colling systems or integrated into alarm systems for that extra level of security. Lighting can be set to come on pre-determined times, or to monitor outside light levels and temperatures to change your rooms levels according to your preferences.

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BBG have years of experience in creating simple to use, yet advanced lighting and comfort control systems, an intelligent system that knows when you’re home