Now with Apples iPhone, iPad or iTouch you can add the luxury of being able to control any part of your home with a simple to use App built for home owners. The iPad app allows you to control audio video devices, media servers, CCTV, heating and Lighting control.

Each app has been specifically designed to make controlling your home and your life easier, with so many control solutions available, getting how you control your home right is crucial for a smooth running system.

Smartphones and tablets have re-shaped the way we look at having access to many areas of our homes. With 2 way feedback a simple single press of a button can give you a complete overview on how your home is running, either while at home or away! Adjust light settings, adjust heating levels or queue up your favourite music for when you return home.

The possibilities are endless, and offer a real cost effective substitute to in-wall touch panels, or why not go the whole way and wall mount or install your iPad or iPhone into an in-wall dock.

Below is just a small selection of some of the best home automation control apps on the market.

  • Control any part of your home with iPhone, iPad or Android
  • 2 way feedback on most apps, so you can see whats happening in your home
  • Control while at home or anywhere in the world
  • Multiple Devices, so the whole family can have access
  • In-wall dock options – Cost effective touch panels


Crestron being on of the worlds leaders of touch panel control have extended their product range to harness the convenience of iPad and iPhone control with a product range which not only offers extensive levels of iPad home control, but has the convenience of installation or table top solutions.

There is almost no limitations to what and how you control your Crestron system, every part of your smart home feeds back to your Crestron system and then appears on your smartphone or tablet device, this two-way control means you have real time information directly at your finger tips for simple adjustment of light settings, home cinema set ups, media content and much more.

Learn more about the Crestron iPad & iPhone Apps

Rako controls have been another lighting control manufacturer to adopt the huge possibilities for lighting control from an iPad or iPhone. Already boasting an extensive range of wireless and wired lighting systems, it was a natural add-on to produce a series of products which expanded their lighting control system on to your smartphone or tablet device.

One of the huge benefits the Rako’s app comes with, is its ability to now adjust and save your lighting scenes directly from you iPad, now its even easier to get that lighting level right, while standing in the same room and using the on screen touch slides, increase and decrease the levels of each light, then when you are happy, simply press save and move on to the next scene, saving you considerable costs by avoiding return visits from engineers.



The Fibaro range boasts as being the best building automation available in the market, and in fact only offers control of their systems via iPhone, iPad, Android or PC, so the control options are endless.

Offering one of the nice user interfaces we’ve seen, this stunning retro style product installs neatly into any home, and then controlled in many ways. As with other iPad control devices the Fibaro offers two-way feedback with on screen graphical interface clearly showing the light level of any room, light circuit or open and closed doors.

What a way to impress family members and friends with the best in-wall touch panel alternative on the market.

With the iPad and iPhone becoming the product of choice to control your home automation system, a range of in-wall docks have emerged on the market, now rather then spending thousands on touch panels for simple easy control, turn your iPad into the ultimate in wall docked touch screen.

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Now with Apples iPhone, iPad or iTouch you can add the luxury of being able to control any part of your home with a simple to use App built for home owners.